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We have more than 40 years of experience

Aantex Pest Control NorCal’s Rodent extermination process has maintained a proven track record in Rodent extermination, control and exclusion since opening its doors in 1974. We have been successfully servicing residential and commercial customers in the “city of trees”(Sacramento) and it’s surrounding areas in need of rodent protection for decades.

Having decades of experience with rodent extermination, exclusion and control means we know their habits, where they like to live, how to detect their points of entry and everything else there is needed to know to protect families, personnel and business patrons from these worrisome creatures and the possibility of future infestations of their homes, businesses or offices. We continually train and educate our technicians through classes and hands on instruction.

Neither rats, nor mice of any kind belong anywhere near humans or their living or working spaces. These rodents can transmit diseases and viruses. They can contaminate any food stuffs and storage areas and damage wiring and structures as well. To gain entry, a rat only needs a space as small as a half inch or a space the size of a quarter and a mouse only needs a space as small as a quarter inch or the size of a dime! Making their points of entry difficult to detect for an untrained or inexperienced eye.

Aantex’s Rodent Inspector is trained to inspect an entire structure which includes the roof. Thoroughly inspecting for every possible entry point including rooftops means our customers have a lesser likelihood of a reinfestation since roofs provide the most common points of entry for rats or mice. Some of those potential entry points on the roof can be as follows; roof joints which were poorly constructed, underneath the tiles of a tiled roof, in the eves and attic vents to name a few.

Once the structure has been thoroughly inspected as to identify current as well as potential rodent points of entry, the  inspector provides a detailed report and map to the technicians. They then make the necessary repairs to seal off all current and potential entry points with rodent proof materials. These entry points include but, are not limited to, roofs, attics, crawl spaces, garages, basements and any structures attached to the home, office or business. The inspector will also strategically place bait in infested areas of structure.

Once the rodent inspection has been completed and recommended exclusions have been done, Aantex Pest Control NorCal will warrant exclusion repairs up to one year.

So, if you are looking to rid your home, business or office of pesky rodents, call us today for efficient, professional and experienced rodent extermination, exclusion and control. Our friendly staff is standing by to answer questions regarding rodents or any other pest issue and set up an appointment for you today!

Let Aantex help keep your home pest free now and into the future!

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