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They always calls me prior to service to confirm always on time. service always correct & professional used this company 30 years and will consider no others.

Always calls the day before service, arrives on time and talks to the customer before starting the job to insure there is no problems.Goes about the business of sperying and leaves with no mess left behind.The price has been help steady for years and only changes when needed, there has been no change in 6 years.

We have had an ant problem for the entire 20 years we have lived in our Citrus Heights home, and we finally talked Mama into letting us call Aantex to spray for us. They were excellent in informing us of the procedure and what our expectations should be (the ants won’t all magically disappear immediately, unfortunately). They told us how to handle our dog, so that he would be safe, and we appreciated that concern. Though we had been told that we should wait at least 48 hrs. to see lasting results, there were still some ants in some places in our house after that, and so we called them back. They didn’t hesitate to schedule a follow-up visit, and handled it very promptly. We are now ant-free. Thanks, Aantex!

Service spray yards as do every other month. we have no ants or bugs they have serviced our yards for 30 years. AAntex has been caring for my home for over 20 years. They are dependable and nice to deal with. They have “Never Raised Their Rates!” I plan to add a review to Google and Yelp.

AAntex is always ;prompt and efficient. They keep us aware of problems or changes in service.

Aantex was used to treat the property by our management company upon eviction of our renters. They did such a good job that we decided to use them upon moving here from Texas and have not regretted the decision to do so.

We have always received very professional, excellent service. The pricing is very reasonable, I would highly recommend.

I am notified the day before the service by telephone. On the service day, the company service employee rings my doorbell and tells me what is being sprayed that day and always asks if I have any special problems.

Aantex has been very responsive throughout our experience with company.

Tech arrived on time and let us know she had arrived. Took care of business and closed gate upon completion.

The employees providing the service vary, but those I have met have been courteous and very helpful if special assistance has been needed. Friendly, but professional.

Employees are prompt, courteous and pleasant. They inquire about pest problems and answer all questions and concerns.

We received a phone call the day before service. Technician is clean & professional; takes care to isolate our dog, Molly; always asks if we are having any problems and their response is immediate.

We have been using Aantex Pest Control for around 15+ years. I like that they are bimonthly in their service – it saves us money and they come out between services if we ever have a problem arise. I honestly have zero complaints.

My husband and I had used them for several years at our first house and they did a fantastic job with getting rid of a nest of ants (many hundreds, probably thousands) that were coming into our house through a central wall. When we moved into a new home almost 20 years ago, we tried a different service (the owner of this large company lived in our neighborhood) after a couple of years when we began having serious ant, spider, beetle, etc. problems inside our house. The other service was monthly, they came into our home many times and sprayed everywhere; it was kind of scary, and the problem never got better. We finally paid a penalty to get rid of their service before our year contract was up. We went back to Aantex and they had the ant problem completely taken care of within a couple visits and they poisoned the ants inside the wall, instead of spraying the living areas. We will never use another company again.

We have been more than satisfied with their service, and highly recommend them. They call before the residential service day, arrive promptly, spray around the outside of the house, and leave. At the commercial location, they have also investigated a couple of complaints from the office employees about some “critters,” and Aantex came immediately and located the source of the problem. They did not charge extra for this additional service!

Very good with no problems. I have been using AANTEX for around 5 years and happy with the service.

I have used Aantex Pest Control Service at various residences and for managed rental units since 1977. They provide excellent service, are prompt, cautious of any pets on the premises, and provide quarterly services, and services as needed for any pest related issues. Since 1977 I could count on them to rid my house of pests.

Everything went very well. Very professional job as always. We have used this co. for several years.

We are very satisfied, they always call the day befoe service ro assure access is available, have never missed a scheduled appointment and have responded quickly anytime additional service has been needed.

I am satisfied with their service. I would recommend them. They are very responsive.

We have used Aantex for over 10 years, and have always been pleased with our experience. Our bimonthly rate has been the same ever since we began using them! On the rare occasion that we do have an ant problem, Aantex has always come out promptly to take care of the problem at no extra cost. I would definitely recommend them.


Rats were having a party in my attic. Jeff arrived within the hour. He was extremely courteous, thorough and helpful. Cliff came to pick up the traps two weeks later and check that all possible areas of entry were sealed was equally courteous and professional..

-Shull Lousa

Such a friendly atmosphere. Always a very pleasant experience interacting with Aantex..


Aantex has given me excellent service and keep me pest free since 2005. All the exterminators are so polite and friendly. Thank you so much.

-Patti Bennett

Aantex Pest Control NorCal is a family business that cares about their customers. They always provide excellent service for a fair price.

-Michael Karelius

I have been a customer of Aantex since 1996. Their staff and technicians are very knowledgeable and friendly. I always recommend them when ever someone is looking for a pest control company. I have never had a problem, but if one should arise I know they will take of me!.

-Michelle Nott

This family-run company is the BEST! I have used their service for decades and have been without ants and spiders (black widows are endemic in my area) since the first spray appointment. Since we built our home in a former almond orchard, …More.

-Diane Gunsul

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