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 Elk Grove Pest Control Services

Pest Control Extermination in Elk Grove. Quickly, Economically and Efficiently

We have more than 40 years of experience

tex has been delivering outstanding Pest Control customer services to Elk Grove and the surrounding area since 1970. Aantex is a family owned pest control company that residences of Elk Grove have trusted for years to protect their families and businesses from unwanted pests.

Elk Grove is the second largest City in the Sacramento region(Sacramento being the largest)and has a population of over 160,000 with both a western and rural way of life and with all the burgeoning of new businesses and residences, as with all flourishing communities,comes the need to keep opportunistic pests such as insects and rodents from invading or infesting your homes, businesses and/or offices.

Especially problematic for the Elk Grove area are rodents and ants and during the winter and spring months even more so. Also, bed bug infestations are problematic for the Elk Grove area. So, why not let Aantex Pest Control handle YOUR  extermination needs? They will do this quickly, economically and efficiently. Having over 80 combined years of experience in pest control solutions giving that added peace of mind, our technicians are ready to take of your pests problems today!

Aantex delivers outstanding Pest Control Extermination in Elk Grove, California.
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