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Pest Control Citrus Heights

Pest Control Management and Services in Citrus Heights,Ca

We have more than 40 years of experience

Aantex Pest Control NorCal is a local family owned and operated Pest Control company that helps families and businesses in Citrus Heights, Ca.(and the greater Sacramento area) guard against unwanted bugs and pests. Licensed, bonded and insured, we take our job seriously when it comes to keeping pests out of your home, business or office.

What kind of services does Aantex Pest Control NorCal offer in Citrus Heights?

Aantex offers Pest Control services which include inspections, treatments, exterminations and management of unwanted insects and pests from your home, business or office. Giving you the peace of mind you deserve! This includes inspecting the interior, exterior, yards, garage and perimeter. We can dramatically decrease your pest problem by being proactive and using the right pest control for your specific pest control needs.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

For our Citrus Heights, California clients we offer 100% Customer Satisfaction. Call us today to get a free quote and to set up your initial service. Our number is (916) 961-8330.

Aantex Pest Control NorCal provides many options and services for residents of Citrus Heights,Ca. Both for residential and commercial properties, including(in Alphabetical order)but, not limited to:

Ant Removal/Management
Aphid Control
Bed Bug Extermination
Bee Control and Bees Nests Removal
Carpenter Ants extermination
Centipedes Extermination
Cockroach Extermination/Management
Flea Control and Management
Millipedes Extermination
Paper wasp nests Removal
Pill bugs Extermination
Rodent Exclusion, Control and Proofing(includes Rats,Mice,Voles, Gophersand Moles)
Silverfish Control
Spider Control (black widow, brown recluse, etc.)
Tick Extermination
Wasp nests Removal
Yellow Jacket nests Removal

Here’s how Aantex Pest Control NorCal works in Citrus Heights:

Our second to none service begins with a customer service representative talking with you over the phone and giving you a thorough knowledge of what to expect when our technician arrives at your home, office or building. Once our technician has arrived on the day of your appointment, you will receive a customized treatment plan which will be implemented by our licensed and fully trained technician.

Our technician will inspect, identify, and treat all existing infestations in and around your dwelling or building. He or she will also identify any potential nesting sites, harborage areas and points of entry in and around your buildings and address these issues along with any other pest control strategies set out in the treatment plan.

According to the specifics in your pest control agreement, your technician will continue implementing the best strategies and pest control treatments according to the changing Rocklin seasons and habits of pests in the area. In this way, you are ensured protection all year around. During the duration of your Pest Control Bi-Monthly agreement Aantex will at NO COST to you come out and retreat any area of concern, should a pest problem occur for which was treated for previously, per agreement!

Aantex Pest Control NorCal offers affordable pest control service solutions for Citrus Heights Residential and Commercial customers. We specialize in extermination, management and control of but, not limited to(in alphabetical order)

Bed bugs
Bees Nests Removal
Black Widows
Carpenter Ants
Paper wasp Nests Removal
Pill Bugs
*Rodent extermination, exclusion, control/removal and proofing (gophers, mice, moles, rats and voles)
Wasp Nests Removal
Yellow Jacket Nests Removal
Wasps Nests Removal…….And more

*Aantex pest Control NorCal provides rodent exclusion, extermination, rodent removal and proofing services in Citrus Heights, California. If you see rodent signs of a mice or rat infestation such as droppings, chewed wires, holes in boxes and sheetrock in garage, etc.. These are signs you could have an infestation. Don’t delay, Call us today! (916) 961-8330

Citrus Heights, CA Profile data:

Located in the heart of California’s capital region, Citrus Heights is an established community with an estimated population of 86,291 (Sacramento Area Council of Governments, 2016). Citrus Heights is situated in northern Sacramento County and shares borders with Roseville (north), Orangevale (east), Fair Oaks (south) and Antelope/Foothill Farms (west).

Citrus Heights offers business-friendly environment with a solid base of small businesses, retail chains and food service establishments. With an ongoing commitment to providing high-quality, economical, responsive services to the local community, Citrus Heights is well-positioned for future economic development and redevelopment opportunities.

Despite its urban proximity, Citrus Heights maintains a small-town feel, providing a strong sense of community and belonging for residents. Residents demonstrate great pride in Citrus Heights and the community regularly gathers for celebrations and events.

Citrus Heights Neighborhoods and zipcodes served:

Aantex Pest Control services not only Citrus Heights but, also, surrounding neighborhoods such as(in alphabetical order): Antelope Downs, Antelope Station, Antelope Villas, Arcade Creek, Autumn Ridge, Birdcage Heights, Caimbridge Park, Creekside Community, Crosswoods, Country Oak Estates, Garden Gate, Grand Oaks Terrace, Greenback Wood, Hidden Meadows, Mariposa Grove, Northwest Neighborhood, Oak Creek, Old Auburn Ranch, Park Oaks, Pioneer Oaks, Ponderosa Hills, Rusch Park, Saint Patrick Park, Shadow Creek North, Summerplace, Sunrise Oaks, Sunrise Ranch, Sylvan Creek, Twin Creeks, Vernon Oaks, Villa Creekridge, Willow Oak, Woodridge Hills, and Wyndbridge Village.


We serve Other areas and Neighborhoods within these counties:
El Dorado

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