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Aantex Pest Control NorCal has been one of the Premier and Trusted choices for Residential and Commercial Bed Bug exterminator services of Sacramento and its surrounding areas for over 47 years. We work hard to eliminate these pests swiftly, effectively and efficiently. !

Bed Bugs seem to be on the rise everywhere and are making their presence felt not just across the world but right here in Northern California!

Bed Bugs are one of the most challenging parasitic bugs to treat as they are arguably the  most “adaptable” and skilled “travelers” in the pest world!  Since 2013 Bed Bugs have been on the rise everywhere in the United States and are making their presence felt not just across the U.S. but,  right here in Sacramento and its surrounding communities.Bed Bugs Sacramento

We know here at Aantex that  Bed Bugs are not seasonal and can be problematic any time of the year. With more and more people traveling abroad and between states these days, these opportunistic pests have taken advantage of free rides by means of the suitcases, back packs and belongings such of the unsuspecting host  to “hitch” a ride, then start setting  up residence in their home or commercial facility, particularly, hotels, motels, dormitories and care facilities.

Bed Bugs In Sacramento

Because Bed Bugs are one of the most prolific breeders* and “survivalists”( an adult can live almost a year without a meal) in the bug world, it is extremely important  that Aantex Pest Control Norcal be called as soon as bed bugs have been spotted**

Meanwhile, if you have been bitten, you probably won’t get seriously ill because bed bugs don’t pass on disease as far as studies have shown.

However, these bites (yes ” bites” plural, as Bed Bugs never bite their unsuspecting, sleeping victim just once!) will cause itching and burning along with inflammation and whelping of the area bitten causing a great deal of discomfort.

Aantex Bed Bug treatments, managements and solutions

Bedbugs SacramentoOnce  we’ve been scheduled, one of our  skilled technicians will give your residence or commercial building a thorough Bed Bug inspection ensuring you do indeed have a bed bug problem versus another kind of pest problem. Once we confirm a Bed Bug infestation we will customize an expert Bed Bug Treatment for you that eliminates Bed Bugs and their eggs where they live, hide and breed in your home or business. Working as quickly and effectively as possible to eradicate them with minimum interruption to your life or business.

*Supplemental Bed Bug information:

Bed Bugs(genus name Cimex species lectularius)  life’s cycle goes from egg to nymph, progressing through five nymphal stages to the adult Bed Bug which then lays eggs and the process starts again. The female can 5-7 eggs a week. each hatching in 10 days and shortly thereafter producing more eggs. They feed exclusively on blood and usually at night. They can live without eating up to a year. The adult Bed Bug is typically 4-5 millimeters long and the eggs are approximately 1 millimeter long. They are attracted to carbon dioxide and warmth.

Bed Bugs can be found in the most unlikely places such as headboards, furniture, mattresses, box springs, dresser drawers, clocks, walls, carpet and even crown moldings.

** Signs of a Bed Bug infestation can be as follows:

Seeing the bugs themselves.  Bed Bugs are about the size of an apple seed and are anywhere from mahogany to rusty brown in color. The nymphs are nearly colorless.

A Bed Bug Bite can cause burning, itching, red welts, a straight line of bites and a rash in the bitten area. Seeing fecal stains as well as blood stains on your sheets, linens, bedding, mattresses and even pajamas are all “Telltale” signs of a Bed Bug infestation.

So, if you suspect a Bed Bug infestation in your home or business, Please call us at one of our many local numbers and one of our friendly staff will be happy to answer any Beg Bug Treatment questions along with any other pest related concerns you might have.

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