Sacramento Bed Bug Extermination Services

One of the Hardest bugs to treat there is are Bed Bugs and are arguably most “adaptable” travelers in the world!

Bed Bugs seem to be on the rise everywhere and are making their presence felt not just across the world but right here in Northern California!!

Sacramento has seen an alarming 54% increase in Bed Bug related calls to Pest Control Services. Since 2013 Sacramento has had the largest increases of Bed Bugs in the Nation with Hotels seeming to be the largest contributors Aantex Pest Control NorCal has been the choice of Sacramento residents and Hotel Owners to eliminate these pests fast! Although the winter and spring months are not as “Bed Bug Prolific” as summer and autumn, there is still a great need for Bed Bug exterminators during all seasons.Bed Bugs Sacramento

This is due in part to Sacramento being a destination frequented by travelers around the world. Given all that travel, comes the crafty little “hitchhiker” known as the “Bed Bug”. They especially love the frequented Hotels and Motels and know NO boundaries in seeking opportunistic “travel” aboard these unsuspecting visitor’s luggage,clothing and carry on bags. They can be found in the most unlikely places such as headboards and furniture and of course, mattresses and box springs. Aantex Pest Control NorCal is always ready and prepared to treat any bed bug infestation beginning with an intensive initial treatment of the infested area and a re-treatment according to a Bed Bug prevention plan customized for each client’s needs.

Bed Bugs are one of the most prolific breeders and tenacious of pests in the world. Their life cycle goes from egg to nymph, progressing through five nymphal stages, to adult, which then lays eggs and the process starts again. So it is extremely important to hire a qualified Pest Management company such as Aantex Pest Control Norcal as soon as bed bugs have been reported.

Bedbugs SacramentoIf you are bitten, you probably won’t get seriously ill, because bed bugs don’t pass on disease as far as studies have shown, but these bites (yes bites plural asBed Bugs never bite their unsuspecting, peacefully sleeping victim just once!) will cause itching and burning along with inflammation and very possibly all this will lead to a secondary skin infection and at the very least a great bit of discomfort!
Whether it’s a 4 star Hotel or a 1 star motel or even your home every effort is needed to insure protection from these terrible little pests!

So, if you happen to see even one Bed Bug in your home or business, Call Aantex Pest Control NorCal at once and we will give your residence or commercial building a thorough inspection and then develop an elimination and ongoing maintenance management  of these pesky bugs to keep them from returning!

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